Its about time i finished that took a few weeks not to long but felt like a eternity :(

go check it out while your at it

So ya well i guess back to the drawing board with more ideas
to come :D

Minecraft Halloween Special is DONE!

:D YAH!!!

2010-09-21 20:05:45 by hummy77

Hey hey hey guess what i got flash and as for my first flash EVER im making a collab called Stick FAIL. This is going to be a worldwide collab so you can email me your submission at Rulez- 1.Your submission has to be about stickfigure fails 2. it cant be longer than 30 seconds. 3. Have fun. Well that is pretty much it thankz for your support :DD. Also AWESOME PLANET PICTURE BELOW

:D YAH!!!

Been gone for a long time

2010-03-13 08:14:11 by hummy77

im back on newgrounds and im going to post more art :D

hi dudes

2008-12-02 23:22:06 by hummy77

yo newgrounds all i just wanted to say is hello and starting flash soon so you can listen to my great videos!!! i am just a kid who makes comics and now is moving on to flash.